• Dr. Herrin, Doctor Associates

    UBuildIt gave me the opportunity to get into a new facility that I would not have been able to get into without their program. Learn More

  • The Sullentrop’s

    I have been asked numerous times ‘Would you do it again?’, the answer is always ‘I certainly would.’ While the process of building a house will wear you down, especially one that took over 13 months to complete, it is all worth it in the end. We now have the house we always wanted. The staff at UBuildIt – Edmond was very helpful, experienced and gave us good direction and advice along the way. I don’t anticipate ever building another house, but if we did, we’d do it with UBuildIt. Learn More

  • The Kaulaity’s

    We are very happy with our home, we were able to build everything that we wanted. The kids now have their own rooms, we have a theater and game room. We were happy with the process. Learn More